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2021 Spring Recruiting Update: Offense

QB - 0
Current QBs: 4 (Ideal is 4)
Potential Departures: 0-2
2021 Needs: 1

Overview: Alabama had a 2021 QB commited, got Bryce Young in 2020 and lost their 2021 QB. This basic dynamic is probably the biggest story of Alabama's recruiting: who wants to go up against Bryce Young. Alabama is kicking the tires on the targets below but I expect Alabama's 2021 to be a lower-ranked guy not currently on the radar.

Name Rank Top Schools (List within the List) Recruiting Buzz Projections
1. Miller Moss - EE 4* (#50, #5 PRO) (UCLA, Cal, Stanford, USC) Alabama, LSU Moss is an California QB who plays like the greats of yore: good great, big time arm, not too mobile and needs work in the short/ intermediate but has big time potential. Moss is a QB Alabama has scouted for a while and while I think there is some interest, Moss seems to have more interest in staying close to home, with UCLA and Cal having the current buzz. If Stanford offers, they could also be a major player. Alabama needs him on campus asap if they wanted to seriously compete for his signature. 40% UCLA, 40% Stanford, 20% Cal
2. Texas Commit Jalen Milroe 4* (#80, #5 DUAL) (Texas) Alabama Milroe is a dual threat QB playing at the highest level in Texas and thriving. Smooth operater, calm and collected, dynamic runner but uses more to expand a play than as a key cog in the offense. If you want to nitpick, not a huge arm but very very good one. Milroe and Drake Maye were the final 2 for Alabama's QB commit last summer and Drake took that opportunity while Milroe waited and ended up commiting to Texas. After the Drake decommitment, Alabama reached out and has been in contact, amongst other schools, but Milroe feels good in his current commitment as of now. Always hard to project a flip. 60% Texas, 30% Alabama, 10% Auburn

RB - 0
Current RBs: 7 (Ideal is 4-5)
Potential Departures: 2
2021 Needs: 0-1

Overview: Alabama signed 3 RBs in 2020, so RB recruiting in 2021 is pretty far down the list. Alabama could lose its top 2 rushers and still have ideal numbers. Alabama would like a back in 2021 but it's not a requirement and I'd be hard-pressed to project any guy on this list, as of today.

Name Rank Top Schools (List within the List) Recruiting Buzz Projections
1. Donovan Edwards 4* (#38, #3 RB) (UGA, Michigan) Alabama , Michigan State Alabama has had success with Michigan RBs and Donovan Edwards could be the next great one. A smaller, shifty back; not necessarily a burner but great in tight spaces and runs through tackles with excellent balance. Edwards is Coach Huff's top guy and was seen as a likely Ohio State commti until they filled up. UGA and Michigan would make the likely next two options but this recruitment has taken a big reset over the last few days and Bama is in this. OVs will be huge 45% UGA, 40% Michigan, 15% Alabama
2. Camar Wheaton 5* (#16, #1 RB) (Oklahoma, Texas, LSU) SMU Alabama Camar Wheaton is the nation's #1 RB, making it 2 years in a row the top back has come from the Longhorn state. Camar Wheaton runs angry, plain and simple; kids looks like he wants to hit someone and does it quickly too, without extra weight. General consensus is Wheaton doesn't want to go too far from home, which is why Oklahoma and Texas seems to be in a good spot alongside SMU of all schools. LSU and Alabama also have some buzz due to some campus visits last season but the current thought is staying close to home. 60% Oklahoma, 25% Texas, 15% Everyone Else
3. LJ Johnson 4* (#51, #4 RB) (TAMU, UGA, Stanford, LSU) Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama Johnson is another elite Texas RB and is a workhorse at the high school level. Not saying he'll have the same success but he runs similar to Damien Harris with slightly better top end speed. Johnson is a highly sought-after prospect with TAMU, UGA and Stanford in the top 3 but Alabama is still in the picture for the time being. 50% TAMU, 30% UGA, 10% Stanford, 10% Texas
4. Kyree Young 3* (#391, #28 RB) (Kentucky, Iowa State) Alabama, LSU, Tennessee Kyree is a lesser known RB from Ohio. Not a ton of film at this point. Buzz is currently on mid-tier schools like Kentucky and Iowa State 80% Kentucky, 20% Iowa State

WR - 0
Current WRs: 10 (Ideal is 9+)
Potential Departures: 2-3
2021 Needs: 3-4

Overview: WR is a big priority position in the 2021 class and Alabama is in on numerous elite receivers. Alabama's got a great sales pitch for 2021, with recent elite production, playing time to offer, and a shiny new QB to pass the ball. It's key for Alabama to hit on WR in this class and there's a good feeling here.

Name Rank Top Schools (List within the List) Recruiting Buzz Projections
1. Mario Williams 4* (#40, #4 WR) (Oklahoma, Alabama, UGA) Florida, LSU Alabama's #1 WR is a Tampa-area receiver with big play ability. Built from the same frame as the Rydeouts, somewhere in between Jaylen Waddle and TJB, you'll find one of 2021's best route runner with the abilty to make anyone miss. Already down to a final 5, Oklahoma has been the consistent name in the pack, as Mario is enamored with the Lincoln Riley offense and like the idea of catching passed from Caleb Williams. Regardless, Alabama has a lot to sell to WRs right now and has had him on campus more recently. Williams also wants to be play baseball in college, which colleges, particularly Bama, are willing to oblige 45% Oklahoma, 45% Alabama, 5% UGA, 5% Florida
2. Brian Thomas Jr 4* (#64, #9 WR) (Alabama, LSU) UGA, Florida, FSU Thomas is a Louisiana receiver with big-catch ability. Thomas is a tall wideout in the line of Tee Higgins and Justyn Ross, great on 50-50 ball with a surprising amount of speed. As a Louisiana recruit, his top 2 is automatically Alabama and LSU. There's quiet optimism on Alabama's end but LSU, with it's high-flying offense from last season, is a huge factor here. 50% Alabama, 50% LSU
3. Agiye Hall 4* (#65, #10 WR) (Alabama, LSU) UGA, ASU Agiye Hall is another Florida receiver Alabama is after in the 2021 class. Hall is the best pure athlete amongst skill position players in the 2021 class but is considered a little raw in terms of WR technique. There are also whispers of attitude issue that have led some teams to back off but Alabama has still been cautiously steady in their pursuit. Alabama and LSU are the most likely top 2 (recurring theme amongst WR targets) leading up to a 3/14 announcement but Agiye pushed it back until August and will likely push back further, going all the way to signing day even if he makes a verbal commitment. 30% Alabama, 30% LSU, 40% Somebody Else
4. Chris Hilton 4* (#67, #11 WR) LSU, Alabama Hilton is another Louisiana wideout of a similar build to those Alabama and LSU had success with last year: 6 foot even, shifty, speed, and effortless cuts to shake defenders. Unlike Thomas, Hilton is more likely a slight LSU lean but this is a close recruitment that Alabama is still very involved in. 60% LSU, 40% Alabama
5. Jacorey Brooks - ES 5* (#25, #2 WR) (LSU, Alabama, Miami) Florida, FSU Brooks is a South Florida receiver, a phrase every Alabama fan is familiar with. Brooks is another Tee Higgins type; tall, lean, great hands, but still quick once they get going. Brooks is a little bit more shifty while lacking quite the vertical leap Higgins has. Miami had an early lead as the hometown team but Alabama and LSU have taken over the top 2 (again). It's unknown who has the lead amongst the two, as this is a quieter recruitment, but Alabama's definitely in it. 50% LSU, 50% Alabama
6. Troy Franklin - LS 5* (#30, #3 WR) (Oregon, USC, Washington, Alabama, LSU) Texas, Utah, Tennessee, ASU, WSU, Oregon State Franklin is an elite west-coast receiver defined by one word: smooth. Franklin's willing to take his recruitment all the way, with some West Coast flavor alongside the WR heavy-weights such as Alabama and LSU. Oregon is probably the current favorite but it's too early to feel super confident about anyone. 50% Oregon, 25% Washington, 10% Alabama, 10% LSU, 5% USC
Other Names
1. Sage Ryan 4* (#39, #3 ATH/WRB) (LSU) Alabama Ryan is an elite player and a true athlete, with multiposition ability. Most schools are recruiting him as a defensive back at multiple positions while Alabama is recruiting him on the offensive size at both RB and WR. As a Louisiana player with family ties to the program, LSU is a sizable favorite but other schools are involved, including Alabama. 80% LSU, 10% Alabama, 10% Everyone Else
2. Deion Colzie 4* (#46, #5 WR) (UGA, Alabama) Florida, Tennessee, Notre Dame Colzie is another elite, tall WR native to Athens, Georgia. Until recently, Colzie was commited to Notre Dame but one has to feel good about UGA's chances here. 33% UGA, 33% Somebody Else, 33% Notre Dame, Maybe
3. Malcolm Johnson Jr. 4* (#202, #37 WR) Oklahoma, Alabama, VT, Maryland, UGA, Johnson is a more recent riser on Alabama's WR board, with some inpressive athletic film and speed in the open field. Johnson has been very complementary of Alabama as of late but Oklahoma could be the spot, if they want him, as Johnson has a big interest in playing with 5* QB Caleb Williams in college and Oklahoma is the likely destination. 70% Oklahoma, 20% Alabama, 5% Maryland, 5% VT
4. Jahlil Farooq 4* (#130, #21 WR) (Oklahoma, Ohio State) Alabama, Penn State, UGA, Maryland Farooq is a DMV receiver that I'd call a poor man's Devonta Smith: good on the deep ball, good size, strong hands. Oklahoma and Ohio State are the most likely top two, with Farooq being another Caleb Williams fan. Alabama is a recent addition here and their pursuit going forward will be something to watch. 70% Oklahoma, 20% Ohio State, 10% Alabama
5. Malik McClain 3* (#623, #93 WR) TAMU, Tennessee, Alabama Another recent addition to the WR board, McClain is a former Alabama resident with Julio Jones comparision (no, really). McClain is a behemith of a receiver, who catches over, around, and through defenders; I think he could make a hell of a TE if weight was added to his frame. TAMU and Tennessee have been the early names here but as a former AL resident and Julio fan, Alabama should be in a good spot. 40% Alabama, 30% Tennessee, 30% TAMU
6. Christian Leary 4* (#297, #50 WR) (Oklahoma, Alabama, Auburn, ASU) WVU, Florida Leary is a dynamic WR and wildcat QB for his high school team. This kid can fly when he gets going. Another kid with high interest in Oklahoma but Alabama and Auburn are also contenders. 50% Oklahoma, 25% Alabama, 25% Auburn
7. Destyn Pazon 4* (#131, #22 WR) (FSU, LSU) Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma Pazon is another high quality Louisiana receiver who should be commiting next week. FSU is the likely pick. 90% FSU, 10% LSU
8. Caleb Coombs 3* (#372, #62 WR) Too early to say Coombs is a DMV receiver who plays physical and with an edge. It's hard to say where Alabama, or anyone else, sits in this recruitment. Unknown

TE - 0
Current TEs: 7 (Ideal is 5-6)
Potential Departures: 2
2021 Needs: 1-2

Overview: TE is another priority position in the 2021 class, as Alabama has spent the last few seasons attempting to add an elite tight end to this dynamic offense. The question right now is more on talent than numbers but Alabama will lose 2 tight ends after the season but it's more key that Alabama gets at least 1 elite player at the position than just the few 2 it can get.

Name Rank Top Schools (List within the List) Recruiting Buzz Projections
1. Hudson Wolfe 4* (#214, #9 TE) (Alabama, Ohio State) Tennessee Wolfe is a big-bodies in-line blocker, but runs well with the ball in his hands and gets physical with defenders. Alabama has been a long favorite here but current belle of the ball Ohio State has locked in on Hudson Wolfe for one of their final scholarship spots, with the two schools neck and neck. It will be critical for Alabama to get Wolfe back on campus before his presumed upcoming summer commitment. 55% Alabama, 45% Ohio State
2. Gunnar Helm - EE 3* (#825, #49 TE) Too early to tell Helm is a more recent addition to the TE board with an established connection, as his sister attends the University of Alabama, despite the family residing in Colorado. Another in-line blocker type, Helm reminds me of Hale Hentges, as a great blocker but a big rumbler with the ball in his hands. It is still very early in this recruitment but Alabama is in a good spot if they want to be.
3. Lake McRee 3* (#461, #19 TE) Too early to tell Mcree is another Texas native and former Texas commit who has since gone back onto the market. Going over the film, Mcree looks like another in-line blocker at first but his receiving plays are pretty nice, showing some nice twitch and quickness for a guy his size. Texas is still in the picture, of course, but Alabama has as good a chance as anyone right now. 33% Texas, 33% Alabama, 33% Everyone Else

OL - 0
Current OLs: 15 (Ideal is 15) - 7 OT/4 OG/ 4 OC
Potential Departures: 4-5
2021 Needs: 4-5 (At least 2 OTs, 1-2 IOL, 1-2 as flex)

Overview: OL is the most important position in the 2021 class, purely based on the potential number of departures and additions. Alabama is looking to bolster both the tackle positions, as well as the interior, and has numerous high-quality targets with high interest in the Tide

Name Rank Top Schools (List within the List) Recruiting Buzz Projections
1. Tommy Brockermeyer - EE 5* (#4, #1 OT) (Alabama, Texas) LSU, Auburn Tommy is the top offensive tackle in the 2021 and with good reason, possessing an NFL-ready body, athletic pedigree, and advanced technical knowledge. As a Texas legacy, the Longhorns would always be a player in this recruitment but Alabama has taken a nice lead here, thanks to their simultaneous pursuit of Tommy's twin brother James (the rare legit Package Deal). The Brockermeyers like the winning pedigree, have hit it off with the new S&C staff, and actually plan to take 2 OVs to Alabama, as they can attend as the brother of the other for each visit. Alabama's in the driver's seat and I don't think this train's slowing down 70% Alabama, 30% Texas
2. Amarius Mims 5* (#8, #2 OT) (UGA, Alabama, LSU) Oklahoma, Auburn, Tennessee, South Carolina Mims is a nice complement to Brockermeyer: Mims is a physical mauler and absolute specimen at the tackle spot. UGA was the early leader, then Sam Pittman left and Alabama/LSU took the top spot, and now UGA has moved back into the lead, as Mims has built a relationship with Matt Luke, as well as the UGA commits. Mims did grow up an Alabama fan, which is why they're a close second, and I don't think this one is done yet, by any means, but I'm hard pressed to bet against UGA here. 50% UGA, 30% Alabama, 10% LSU, 5% Auburn, 5% Oklahoma
3. Noah Josey 4* (#284, #17 OG) (Alabama) Ohio State Josey is a Kyle Flood favorite, as another diamond -in-the-rough, blue coller, guard. Alabama has been the favorite for Josey for quite a while and moderate pursuit by Ohio State won't likely change that. 80% Alabama, 20% Ohio State
4. James Brockermeyer - EE 4* (#204, #2 OC) (Alabama, Texas) LSU, Auburn James is the twin of Tommy and is a high-quality center to boot. Same thing as Tommy: Alabama leads for the twins but Texas will always be in the background. Look for a summer commitment. 70% Alabama, 30% Texas
5. Jaeden Roberts 4* (#146, #7 OG) Alabama, LSU, OK State Roberts is a enormous road-grader out of North Shore HS in Texas, former school of Dameion George and Zach Evans. Roberts already has a set top 3, as prior relationships helped both Alabama and LSU here, but I believe Alabama's greater need, coupled with some high-profile potential commits like the Brockermeyers, could give Alabama the edge when it's time for Jaeden to commit.
6. Terrence Ferguson - EE 4* (#52, #3 OG) UGA, Alabama Another big-time roadgrader on the interior, it's generally bad gambling to bet against UGA for an in-state offensive lineman but Alabama is definitely making things interesting, with serious interest from Mr. Ferguson around joining the Tide. 50% Alabama, 50% UGA.
7. Micah Morris 4* (#73, #11 OT (UGA, Auburn) Florida, FSU, South Carolina, Alabama, LSU Another Peach State lineman, Alabama probablt has some catching up to do, as Morris seems to have a solid top 2 and even top 4 currently. This is a UGA-Auburn battle I expect UGA to win again. 70% UGA, 30% Auburn
8. Garrett Delinger 4* (#77, #12 OT) (LSU, Michigan) Notre Dame, Alabama, Ohio State, Penn State Delinger is a Michigan man who was slotted as a Michigan-Notre Dame battle until LSU surged here. Expect Delinger to be a key piece for LSU, as they rebuild their offensive line. 70% LSU, 20% Michigan, 10% Notre Dame
Other Names
1. Caleb Johnson 4* (#337, #29 OT (Auburn) Penn State, Alabama, FSU, Notre Dame Johnson's a Florida lineman with some early interest in Auburn but Alabama and FSU is also a serious contender 60% Auburn, 25% FSU, 15% Alabama.
2. Maximus Gibbs 3* (#565, #51 OT) (USC) Alabama, TAMU, Florida Gibbs is a mammoth tackle from sunny California who's put a lot of work recently into his weight and frame. USC, as the local school, has the lead and it's unclear what Alabama's interest is at this point. 70% USC, 30% Alabama
3. Ross Maseuli 3* (#618, #28 OG) (USC) Michigan, Alabama Maseuli is another Cali lineman who's a USC lean with Alabam interest. I know he was somewhat star-struck by the Alabama offer but I think a campus visit will be the real litmus test. 80% USC, 10% Alabama, 10% Michigan
4. Jager Burton 4* (#156, #8 OG) (Ohio State, Kentucky) Penn State, Clemson, Alabama, Texas, Oregon Burton is a midwester lineman Alabama likes a lot but he seems destined to stay close to home, with Ohio State and Kentucky as his top 2. 60% Ohio State, 40% Kentucky.
5. William Griffin 3* (#453, #46 OT) Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio State, South Carolina, Vandy, Alabama Griffin is a Tennessee tackle Alabama is still scouting. Tennessee is the early favorite. 100% Tennessee
6. Tristan Leigh 5* (#15, #4 OT) (Penn State, Clemson) VT, LSU, Alabama, UNC Leigh is an elite DMV lineman and although he has Alabama in his finalists, the interest for either party is unclear at this time. 50% Penn State, 50% Clemson

Conclusion: Offensively, I think Bama's at a good spot for positions they need and less so at positions with smaller numbers. This is logical and I think it's good be a good offensive class overall.

As always, feel free to ask any question that comes to mind
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NCAAF Daily - 9/26/17 (Tuesday)

NCAAF to be posted here
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NCAAB Daily - 01/09/2016 (Saturday)

N - denotes neutral site
C - denotes conference game
Time (EST) Away Home Line O/U Massey Notes
12:00 PM Virginia Tech (10-5, 1-0 A) Duke (13-2, 9-0 H) DUKE -17.5 157 H -19.5 (96%) C
12:00 PM DePaul (6-9, 2-3 A) Georgetown (9-6, 6-3 H) GTWN -10.0 141 H -9.5 (83%) C
12:00 PM St Bonaventure (10-3, 3-2 A) UMass (8-6, 5-2 H) SBON -2.5 150 A -2.5 (56%) C
12:30 PM Chattanooga (13-2, 4-2 A) Furman (7-8, 5-1 H) CHAT -5.0 133 A -6.5 (74%) C
01:00 PM Texas A&M (12-2, 1-1 A) Tennessee (8-6, 8-0 H) TAMU -4.5 146 A -2.5 (57%) C
01:00 PM Oklahoma State (9-5, 0-1 A) West Virginia (13-1, 6-0 H) WVU -13.5 142.5 H -14.5 (92%) C
01:00 PM Maryland (14-1, 1-1 A) Wisconsin (9-7, 7-4 H) MD -3.5 132.5 A -1.5 (54%) C
01:00 PM Wright State (7-8, 1-6 A) N Kentucky (4-9, 4-1 H) WRST -1.5 136.5 A -1.5 (55%) C
01:00 PM Mercer (11-4, 1-4 A) The Citadel (7-8, 3-2 H) MER -9.5 163 A -8.5 (79%) C
01:30 PM LSU (9-5, 1-2 A) Florida (9-5, 6-1 H) FLA -3.5 148 H -6.5 (75%) C
02:00 PM Nevada (9-6, 1-6 A) Air Force (10-5, 8-1 H) AFA -1.0 142 H -1.5 (54%) C
02:00 PM UTEP (10-6, 0-3 A) UAB (12-3, 9-0 H) UAB -10.5 145 H -9.5 (81%) C
02:00 PM Rice (5-10, 1-6 A) North Texas (6-9, 5-4 H) UNT -1.0 153.5 H -3.5 (62%) C
02:00 PM UVA (12-2, 1-2 A) Georgia Tech (10-5, 8-1 H) UVA -5.5 133.5 A -6.5 (72%) C
02:00 PM Creighton (11-5, 1-3 A) Seton Hall (12-3, 8-0 H) HALL -4.5 155.5 H -4.5 (64%) C
02:00 PM St John's (7-9, 0-2 A) Marquette (11-4, 7-3 H) MARQ -10.5 139.5 H -10.5 (85%) C
02:00 PM Dartmouth (4-8, 1-6 A) Harvard (6-8, 3-2 H) HARV -10.0 130 H -14.5 (91%) C
02:00 PM Ball State (10-4, 0-3 A) Ohio (9-4, 7-0 H) OHIO -7.0 144 H -7.5 (75%) C
02:00 PM Dayton (12-2, 2-0 A) La Salle (4-8, 3-4 H) DAY -12.0 135.5 A -12.5 (87%) C
02:00 PM St Peter's (5-8, 2-6 A) Canisius (7-8, 4-3 H) CAN -8.0 151 H -6.5 (73%) C
02:00 PM Cent Michigan (7-7, 0-3 A) Bowling Green (10-4, 6-1 H) BGSU -1.0 147.5 H -5.5 (71%) C
02:00 PM Quinnipiac (5-8, 2-4 A) Monmouth (10-4, 2-0 H) MONM -14.5 142 H -18.5 (95%) C
02:00 PM Illinois State (9-7, 2-3 A) Indiana State (8-7, 4-2 H) INST -4.5 134.5 H -5.5 (69%) C
02:00 PM Samford (10-5, 4-4 A) Wofford (5-9, 3-1 H) WOF -4.0 136.5 A -0.5 (51%) C
02:00 PM SE Missouri St (2-13, 1-8 A) E Kentucky (10-7, 8-1 H) EKY -12.5 163 H -13.5 (91%) C
02:30 PM South Alabama (6-8, 2-4 A) Georgia State (9-3, 6-0 H) GAST -13.5 130.5 H -14.5 (91%) C
02:30 PM Northwestern (13-3, 3-0 A) Minnesota (6-9, 5-4 H) NW -2.5 140.5 A -2.5 (58%) C
03:00 PM Vanderbilt (8-6, 0-3 A) South Carolina (14-0, 8-0 H) SCAR -3.5 145.5 H -6.5 (72%) C
03:00 PM Baylor (11-3, 0-3 A) Iowa State (12-2, 8-0 H) ISU -7.0 157 H -8.5 (80%) C
03:00 PM E Illinois (4-11, 1-6 A) Belmont (10-6, 4-0 H) BEL -15.5 156 H -14.5 (92%) C
03:00 PM FAU (2-13, 1-8 A) W Kentucky (8-7, 7-1 H) WKU -11.5 135.5 - C
03:00 PM Washington (10-4, 0-0 A) Washington St (9-5, 8-2 H) WSU -2.5 162 H -3.5 (61%) C
03:00 PM Manhattan (6-8, 2-5 A) Niagara (4-12, 3-3 H) MAN -3.0 133.5 A -2.5 (59%) C
03:00 PM Milwaukee (11-5, 4-1 A) Cleveland State (5-11, 3-4 H) MILW -5.0 132 A -4.5 (65%) C
03:00 PM IUPUI (6-12, 2-11 A) W Illinois (7-6, 5-0 H) WIU -6.5 139.5 H -5.5 (71%) C
03:05 PM Idaho (10-5, 5-2 A) E Washington (6-8, 3-0 H) EWU -2.5 143 H -2.5 (56%) C
03:30 PM Texas State (7-4, 2-3 A) Appalachian St (2-12, 1-3 H) TXST -2.0 126.5 A -3.5 (60%) C
03:30 PM Miss St (7-6, 0-2 A) Arkansas (7-7, 7-1 H) ARK -7.5 157 H -9.5 (82%) C
04:00 PM Saint Mary's (14-1, 2-1 A) Pepperdine (9-6, 6-0 H) SMC -8.0 134 A -10.5 (83%) C
04:00 PM Charleston (10-4, 4-3 A) Drexel (2-12, 1-3 H) COFC -2.5 130 A -6.5 (71%) C
04:00 PM Towson (11-5, 3-2 A) JMU (11-5, 7-4 H) JMU -5.0 133.5 H -5.5 (71%) C
04:00 PM Pitt (13-1, 0-0 A) Notre Dame (10-4, 7-0 H) ND -4.5 149 H -5.5 (69%) C
04:00 PM Northeastern (11-5, 4-4 A) William & Mary (10-4, 7-1 H) W&M -1.5 144 H -3.5 (61%) C
04:00 PM Marist (4-9, 2-3 A) Iona (8-6, 6-0 H) IONA -14.0 152 H -13.5 (91%) C
04:00 PM Toledo (9-5, 2-3 A) Miami (OH) (6-8, 6-3 H) TOL -2.0 142.5 A -2.5 (59%) C
04:00 PM UTSA (3-13, 1-6 A) Mid Tennessee (9-5, 5-1 H) MTSU -20.0 153.5 - C
04:00 PM Bradley (2-14, 0-5 A) Evansville (13-3, 8-0 H) EVAN -24.5 134.5 H -26.5 (99%) C
04:00 PM Missouri State (5-10, 1-3 A) Loyola (CHI) (7-8, 6-2 H) L-IL -5.5 127 H -6.5 (73%) C
04:00 PM Wichita State (9-5, 2-2 A) S Illinois (14-2, 7-1 H) WICH -7.5 136.5 A -3.5 (64%) C
04:00 PM UNC Greensboro (5-10, 0-8 A) ETSU (8-6, 5-1 H) ETSU -7.5 143.5 H -11.5 (87%) C
04:05 PM Portland State (5-8, 1-6 A) Montana State (7-8, 2-1 H) MTST -2.5 157 H -4.5 (66%) C
04:30 PM Kansas State (10-4, 1-2 A) Oklahoma (12-1, 7-0 H) OKLA -12.5 141 H -15.5 (92%) C
04:30 PM Princeton (9-4, 4-3 A) Penn (6-7, 5-2 H) PRIN -7.0 140 A -7.5 (74%) C
04:30 PM VMI (5-8, 1-6 A) W Carolina (5-9, 5-1 H) WCU -7.5 142.5 H -9.5 (81%) C
05:00 PM Troy (5-9, 2-3 A) Ga Southern (4-9, 3-2 H) GASO -1.0 155 A -0.5 (51%) C
05:00 PM Colorado State (9-6, 1-2 A) San Jose State (5-10, 3-3 H) CSU -7.0 149.5 A -9.5 (81%) C
05:00 PM Nebraska (8-8, 0-3 A) Rutgers (6-10, 6-4 H) NEB -4.5 139 A -3.5 (62%) C
05:00 PM FSU (10-4, 1-2 A) Miami (FL) (12-1, 7-1 H) MIA -8.5 152 - C
05:00 PM Omaha (11-6, 4-4 A) South Dakota (9-8, 2-2 H) OMA -1.5 168.5 A -1.5 (54%) C
05:00 PM Arizona State (10-5, 2-2 A) UCLA (10-6, 8-1 H) UCLA -5.5 149.5 H -4.5 (68%) C
06:00 PM UNLV (9-6, 1-3 A) Wyoming (8-8, 6-2 H) UNLV -6.0 134 A -3.5 (61%) C
06:00 PM Utah State (9-5, 3-2 A) New Mexico (9-6, 7-1 H) UNM -6.5 147 H -8.5 (78%) C
06:00 PM Fresno State (11-5, 2-3 A) Boise State (11-4, 8-0 H) BSU -6.5 147 H -8.5 (79%) C
06:00 PM Pacific (3-11, 0-6 A) Loyola Mary (7-8, 5-1 H) LMU -4.0 143.5 H -7.5 (75%) C
06:00 PM Kentucky (11-3, 0-2 A) Alabama (9-4, 5-0 H) UK -6.0 133 A -5.5 (70%) C
06:00 PM Hofstra (10-5, 3-3 A) Elon (11-5, 7-2 H) HOF -3.5 166 A -0.5 (51%) C
06:00 PM IPFW (13-4, 5-3 A) Denver (9-7, 5-3 H) DEN -1.0 137 A -2.5 (56%) C
06:00 PM UT Martin (9-7, 5-4 A) Morehead State (7-7, 5-1 H) MORE -7.0 131 H -9.5 (81%) C
06:30 PM Jacksonville St (5-13, 0-7 A) Murray State (7-8, 5-3 H) MURR -12.5 132 H -13.5 (89%) C
07:00 PM UL Monroe (6-8, 1-6 A) AR-Little Rock (13-1, 5-0 H) UALR -11.0 119 - C
07:00 PM UC Davis (5-9, 1-6 A) LBSU (7-9, 4-1 H) LBSU -11.5 146 H -12.5 (89%) C
07:00 PM Texas (9-5, 1-1 A) TCU (8-6, 6-3 H) TEX -3.0 136.5 A -2.5 (60%) C
07:00 PM UNC-Wilmington (9-5, 1-4 A) Delaware (5-9, 3-1 H) UNCW -6.5 149 A -6.5 (74%) C
07:00 PM Memphis (10-4, 0-1 A) UConn (10-4, 7-1 H) CONN -7.0 146.5 H -6.5 (74%) C
07:00 PM George Mason (6-9, 0-5 A) Davidson (9-4, 8-0 H) DAV -12.0 149 H -10.5 (85%) C
07:00 PM Charlotte (4-10, 2-3 A) LA Tech (12-3, 9-1 H) LT -11.5 155.5 H -12.5 (88%) C
07:00 PM FIU (8-7, 2-3 A) Marshall (6-9, 5-2 H) MRSH -8.5 152.5 H -5.5 (71%) C
07:00 PM Arizona (13-2, 2-1 A) USC (13-3, 10-0 H) ARIZ -2.5 155 A -1.5 (52%) C
07:00 PM Fairfield (7-7, 2-5 A) Rider (4-11, 1-3 H) RID -3.0 143.5 H -2.5 (60%) C
07:00 PM Green Bay (10-5, 4-4 A) Youngstown St (6-10, 3-3 H) GB -7.5 169.5 A -8.5 (78%) C
07:30 PM Tenn Tech (11-5, 2-5 A) Austin Peay (8-9, 5-3 H) PEAY -2.0 - A -0.5 (51%) C
08:00 PM UNC (14-2, 1-2 A) Syracuse (10-6, 7-2 H) UNC -7.0 153.5 A -6.5 (74%) C
08:00 PM Portland (8-9, 1-4 A) Gonzaga (12-3, 6-2 H) GONZ -17.5 158 H -18.5 (95%) C
08:00 PM Duquesne (10-5, 1-2 A) G Washington (12-3, 9-0 H) GW -10.5 144.5 H -10.5 (85%) C
08:00 PM Old Dominion (9-6, 1-4 A) Southern Miss (3-10, 2-5 H) ODU -13.0 116 A -13.5 (89%) C
08:00 PM Drake (5-10, 0-4 A) Northern Iowa (9-7, 5-1 H) UNI -12.0 136.5 H -14.5 (91%) C
08:05 PM LA-Lafayette (5-7, 0-7 A) Arkansas State (7-7, 5-1 H) ULL -2.0 167 H -2.5 (58%) C
08:30 PM Georgia (8-4, 0-2 A) Ole Miss (11-3, 6-0 H) MISS -3.5 138 H -2.5 (59%) C
08:30 PM E Michigan (9-5, 3-4 A) N Illinois (12-2, 10-0 H) EMU -1.0 140 H -2.5 (57%) C
08:30 PM SIU ED (3-12, 1-7 A) Tennessee St (11-4, 4-1 H) TNST -7.5 - H -8.5 (79%) C
09:00 PM N Colorado (4-11, 0-5 A) Weber State (10-5, 6-1 H) WEB -16.5 - H -14.5 (92%) C
09:00 PM Sacramento St (7-6, 2-5 A) Montana (8-6, 6-0 H) MONT -8.5 - H -7.5 (76%) C
09:00 PM North Dakota (6-8, 1-4 A) Idaho State (6-8, 4-1 H) UND -1.5 - A -1.5 (53%) C
09:00 PM San Francisco (9-6, 2-3 A) BYU (11-5, 8-0 H) BYU -17.5 161 H -15.5 (93%) C
09:00 PM Auburn (7-6, 1-3 A) Missouri (7-7, 7-1 H) MIZ -2.5 144.5 H -3.5 (62%) C
09:00 PM N Arizona (2-11, 0-7 A) Southern Utah (3-9, 2-3 H) SUU -4.5 - H -2.5 (56%) C
09:00 PM CS Northridge (5-10, 1-7 A) CS Fullerton (8-6, 4-1 H) CSF -5.0 148 H -7.5 (77%) C
09:00 PM Kansas (13-1, 1-0 A) Texas Tech (11-2, 9-0 H) KU -7.5 149 A -5.5 (68%) C
09:00 PM ECU (8-7, 0-5 A) Temple (7-6, 3-2 H) TEM -8.5 132 H -8.5 (79%) C
09:30 PM Cal (12-4, 1-2 A) Oregon State (10-3, 6-2 H) CAL -2.5 136.5 H -1.5 (53%) C
10:00 PM Santa Clara (5-12, 0-5 A) San Diego (5-9, 3-2 H) USD -1.5 128 H -1.5 (55%) C
11:00 PM UC Riverside (9-8, 3-5 A) UC Irvine (12-5, 6-0 H) UCI -13.0 129.5 H -14.5 (91%) C
11:59 PM UCSB (6-7, 4-4 A) Hawaii (12-2, 12-1 H) HAW -8.5 143.5 H -8.5 (78%) C
Jeff Sagarin power ranking
Ken Pomeroy power ranking
Ken Massey power ranking power ranking picks and details
Game line movement history
CBS expert picks NCAAB odds
Injuries etc.
Game previews here and here
Team trends
Team comparison tool
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132+ Teams in 132+ Days: Washington State University

Welcome to Washington State University! Orientation will begin now, so please take a moment to observe the first minute of our finely edited video! Once the classic Palouse radio single is firmly stuck in your head, continue on down the page and learn about the wonders of Ol’ Wazzu!
Pac-12 North
Location: Pullman, WA
Total Attendance: Total - 27,008, Undergrad - 21,016
Mascot: 2006 Mascot of the Year Butch T. Cougar
Live Mascot: Represented by a live Cougar from 1927 - 1978. In 2008, the “Cougar Pride” Statue was placed in honor of our live mascots
Cheerleaders: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
WSU PSA against TV Violence
WSU Fight Song:
Stadium: Martin Stadium, Capacity: 33,552 Record Attendence: 40,306
Stadium Location: 1775 NE Stadium Way Pullman, WA 99164
All-Time Record: 500-526-45
Conference Championships(4): 1917, 1930, 1997, 2002
Number of Bowl Games (10): 6-4 record.
  • Rose Bowl : 1916 (W) Video (WSU v Brown in the first ANNUAL Rose Bowl), 1931 (L) Video, 1998 (L), 2003 (L)
  • Holiday Bowl: 1981(L) , 2003 (W, against #5 Texas) (WSU went to Rose and Holiday in 03)
  • Aloha Bowl: 1988 (W)
  • Copper Bowl: 1992 (W)
  • Alamo Bowl: 1994 (W)
  • Sun Bowl: 2001 (W)
National Titles: Soon...
  • U of Washington: The Apple Cup
From the Cougar standpoint, the annual Apple Cup against the loathed in-state rival
University of Washington is the most heated game on the schedule each year. This
classic rivalry first met way back in 1900 which resulted in what I am sure was a
killer match ending in a 5-5 tie.
The game became the "Apple Cup" in 1962. Since then both sides have fought whole
heartedly for the right to display the trophy and to have bragging rights that year. This
electrifying game occurs around Thanksgiving, often setting the mood for the offseason.
Holding the advantage, the Huskies lead the all time series 67-32-6. However, it seems
ultimately whenever one side has a strong year, the opposing team finds a way to
shut down their dreams. One of these games happened in 1982 when a considerably
klutzy 2-7-1 Cougar team hosted the 5th ranked Huskies who were poised to enter
into their third straight Rose Bowl. The Cougs dug deep and pulled out a 24-20 win. An
ecstatic cougar fan base stormed the field, tore down the goal posts, and marched across town
slinging them into the Palouse river. Since then, the rivalry continues to be a bitter battle between the schools.
  • Idaho: The Battle For The Palouse
The University of Idaho is located only 8 miles away from the WSU campus and thus a natural rivalry was born. The overall record is 70-18-3 in favor of the Cougs but we still take the rivalry very seriously. The proximity of the rivalry has spawned at least one funny tradition over the years, if the visiting team loses it’s said the fans have to walk home from the game. The last Battle between these two school was in 2007 while the next is set for 2013. This will be the first “Battle for the Palouse” in 6 seasons!
2012 Season
Record: 3-9
Coach: Mike Leach
2012 Roster
Key Players:
  • Andrew Furney #49 K - nuff said. While you often don't hear much about a teams kicker, Andrew Furney has developed a cult following at WSU. This individuals leg has produced 42 points this season alone, including one amazing 60 yard field goal and two crucial field goals during the 2012 Apple Cup - one of which brought the game into overtime, and a the second leading us to victory.
  • Deone Bucannon #20 S - 98 TOT, 59 SOLO, 39 AST, 1 Sack, 3 INT While notorious for his collection of penalties this season, Deone boasts an outstanding record compared to his under performing team. Deone is an integral part of WSU’s defense as both a play stopper and play maker. Bucannon vs Oregon interception
  • Ioane Gauta #95 NT – 29 TOT, 15 SOLO, 14 AST, 3 Sack, 1 INT Dubbed, “the Monster in the Middle”, Gauta’s rugged presence in the middle has helped the Cougars climb to 30th in the nation in rushing defense. Gauta can often be identified by his hair exploding from the rear of his helmet. Gauta and Sagote team sack on Keith Price
  • Travis Long #89 LB – 61 TOT, 44 Solo, 19 ast, 9.5 sack, 1 int Before his injury, Travis managed an impressive senior year. He was named to the Pac-12 All-Academic Second Team and also was named WSU's defensive MVP following his Senior season.He was the recipient of the Laurie Niemi Award in his Senior season. Travis Long vs BYU
  • Gabe Marks #84 WR 49 Rec, 560 YDS, 11.4 AVG, 52 LONG, 2 TD and Isiah Myers #88 WR 42 Rec, 438 YDS, 10.4 AVG, 36 LONG, 4 TD - Both receivers had to step up last season to fill the void left by Marquess Wilson. While each has their own particular talents - according to CougarNation - Myers may be the most prominent receiver on the Cougars current roster.
Honorable Mentions
  • Jeff Tuel #10 QB – 221 CMP, 332 ATT, 2087 YDS, 8TD, 8INT, 119.5 Rating (Could’ve used an O line)
Dishonorable Mentions
  • Marquess Wilson #86 WR - Both a star and smudge on WSU’s history. over 3200 yards on 189 receptions totaling 25 TD’s... then this crap
  • The Whole O Line - 35 Sacks on Jeff Tuel, 22 on Connor Halliday Basically this video...
2013 Season:
2013 Schedule
@ 8/31
@ 9/7
@ 10/5
@ 10/19
10/31 (Halloween Thursday Night on ESPN in Pullman. You’re going to want to watch this one)
@ 11/16
@ 11/24
Greatest Games:
  • 1992 Apple Cup - the Snow Bowl: One of the most cherished moments by our fan base occurred in what possibly might have been the worst weather conditions the Apple Cup has even seen. The Cougs, who hadn't won an Apple Cup since 1988, were hosting the 5th ranked, defending national champion husky team led by Mark Brunell. However, neither the huskies or the fierce -18 degree wind whipping weather could stop Drew Bledsoe and the Cougars as they put together a 29-point third quarter. This barrage of scoring included one of the most replayed highlights of cougar football.. The lead provided a cushion that UW would not be able to overcome the rest of the game resulting in a 42-23 victory for the Cougs. The win led to a berth to the Copper Bowl where the Cougs maintained their momentum and defeated Utah.
  • 2003 Holiday Bowl: The 15th ranked Cougars entered the Holiday Bowl heavily unfavored against the 5th ranked Texas Longhorns. Battling a team that contained RB Cedric Benson and RS QB freshman Vince Young, the Cougs stumbled early and ended the first half down to the Horns 10-7. In the second half, the defense decided to show up in a huge way, allowing the Cougs to go on a 19-0 run in the third quarter. Texas responded in the fourth quarter with two scores to pull within 8 points, but the cougar defense displayed their dominance once again denying the Longhorns on two separate drives late in the game to secure a victory. The comeback allowed the cougars to hit the 10-win plateau for the third straight year, going 30-8 in that time span.
  • 1997 Apple Cup: Entering the game, WSU was on the verge of it's first Rose Bowl berth in 67 years. Led by Ryan Leaf, the cougars battled back and forth with an unrelenting husky team looking to smash any hopes the Cougs had for roses. It was a tight 7-7 game in the middle of the second quarter when Leaf connected with Chris Jackson who took it 57 yards to the endzone. This play was the beginning of 17 unanswered cougar points. Refusing to quit, the huskies crawled back to within 3 and threatened the cougar’s lead. Leaf then connected once again with Jackson for a 50-yard TD pass showing he had his sights set on the Rose bowl. The Cougs held on til the end eventually winning 41-35. They then went to Pasadena where they unfortunately fell to #1 Michigan.
  • 2008 Apple Cup - The Crapple Cup: It may not have been one of the greatest games, but it was definitely one of the most memorable ones recent history. Gaining national attention, these two teams met in Pullman with a combined 1-20 record on the season. The only win between the two schools was a 48-9 WSU victory over the powerhouse Portland State. Despite having the only win between the two schools, WSU entered the game as an 8.5 point underdog to the 0-10 Huskies. The match was a bit painful to watch for the first 59 minutes of game time, but with less than a minute left in the fourth quarter, QB Kevin Lopina hit WR Brandon Gibson to convert a third-and-1 and led the Cougs on a 69-yard drive that would result in a FG to send the game into overtime tied at 10. During the first OT, the Cougs went up a field goal only to be matched by the Huskies. In the second OT, Husky K Ryan Perkins missed wide right from 37 yards setting up a chance for victory for the Cougs. After only advancing a mere 5 yards, WSU K Nico Grasu drilled his attempt from 37 yards sending the team, and the fans, into a frenzy on the field. The defeated Huskies would eventually lose their final game against Cal to become the first team in the Pac-10 to go 0-12 and the only team in the country to finish the season without a win in 2008.
Greatest Plays:
Greatest Players:
  • Drew Bledsoe - 4x Pro Bowl, 2x All-Pro, 2x AFC Champ, Super Bowl Champion QB. Also the owner of Doubleback Winery in his hometown of Walla Walla in Eastern Washington (which is a great wine region) The only time I have seen this wine for sale, it was $100 a bottle at Wine World. So it’s likely quality.
  • Mark Rypien - Super Bowl MVP, 2x Super Bowl Champion, 2x Pro Bowl QB from Spokane. A local Cougar hero and legend. His daughter Angela played for the lingerie football league (NSFW?). And his nephew Brett Rypien is breaking his uncle’s records in the Greater Spokane League and already holds offers from Wazzu, Idaho and Colorado State going into his junior season.
  • Mel Hein - NFL Hall Of Fame, 4x Pro Bowl, 5x All-Pro, 2x NFL Champion, The only OL to win MVP, 1930s All-Decade Team, NFL 75th Anniversary Team. Mel Hein was a beast among men. He lead the Cougars to an undefeated 1931 season and into the Rose Bowl against Alabama. He was an All-American at WSU and also played Center on the WSU basketball team. His number is retired by both Washington State University and the New York Giants.
  • Marcus Trufant - The 11th overall pick by the Seattle Seahawks sealed Trufant’s legacy in history as not only an all time great for the Cougars and Seahawks, but as a Northwest sports hero in general. Trufant was born in raised in Tacoma, Washington and stayed here his entire football career until he signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars this offseason. He was Pac-10 All-Freshman, First-Team Pac-10 and Second-Team All-American during his years with the Cougs. He allowed zero TDs against him in his final two season at WSU.
  • Jason Hanson - Hanson is another Spokane native that played for WSU. He holds the record for longest kick in WSU history at 62 yards. An All-American in his Sophomore season he also holds the WSU records for points scored (328) and most field goal related records. He had one of the longest NFL careers of anybody and retired this year after 20 seasons. He is the #3 all time leader in points in the NFL as well as the #3 leader in field goals made. Hanson is a 2x Pro Bowler and 3x All-Pro.
  • Ryan Leaf had a magnificent career at WSU, but he is more widely known for being one of, if not the biggest, busts in NFL history. He was selected 2nd overall in the 1998 draft behind Peyton Manning by the San Diego Chargers. Once his NFL career ended, he entered into a coaching position at West Texas A&M. Here, not only his coaching career, but his life spiraled out of control as it became evident he had a serious drug addiction problem with painkillers. After years of probation, rehab, burglary, threats, and continued drug abuse, Leaf ran out of second chances and now resides in the Montana State Prison. It is definitely a darker side of cougar athletic history, and many fans are touchy about the subject, but Leaf remains one of the most prominent athletes to have played WSU. In his junior year, he averaged 330.6 yards passing per game and threw for a then Pac-10 conference record 33 touchdowns. Everyone hopes Leaf will pull his life together, but some wonder what more can even be done to help.
Greatest Coaches:
  • Mike Price (1989-2002) 83-78 - Price was good friends with Dennis Erickson and when Erickson left WSU for Miami he recommended Price for the job. Price rented Erickson’s home and ended up staying in Pullman for 13 years. During that span he won 3 bowl games and led two Rose Bowl squads in 1997 and 2002. Price coached many famous WSU players including Drew Bledsoe, Ryan Leaf, Jason Gesser and Marcus Trufant. Fuck you Alabama.
  • Jim Walden (1978-1986) 44-52-4 - Jim Walden will always be great in the eyes of Cougar fans because he loved spoiling the Huskies’ season. He also ended a bowless streak that had gone on for 51 years by leading to the Cougars to the 1981 Holiday Bowl against the BYU Cougars. He also coached Cougar greats Jack “The Throwing Samoan” Thompson, Mark Rypien. and Reuben Mayes.
  • ”You bet your ass I’ll be here someday!”
Cougs Currently in the NFL:
  • Husain Abdullah - Kansas City Chiefs - Safety
  • Chris Ivory - New York Jets - Running Back
  • Jed Collins - New Orleans Saints - Fullback
  • Eric Frampton - Dallas Cowboys - Safety
  • Brandon Gibson - Miami Dolphins - Wide Receiver
  • Rian Lindell - Buffalo Bills - Kicker
  • Ropati Pitoitua - Tennessee Titans - Defensive End
  • Marcus Trufant - Jacksonville Jaguars - Cornerback
  • Jeff Tuel - Buffalo Bills - QB
  • Zack Williams - Carolina Panthers - Guard
  • Marquees Wilson - Chicago Bears - Wide Receiver
Wave The Flag
The GameDay Wave The Flag movement first began back in 2003 when the Cougs were ranked 6th in the nation. It started off as a simple showing of school pride and spirit but quickly evolved into a campaign to bring GameDay to Pullman. It has since then become a tradition to have a cougar flag, nicknamed Ol' Crimson, to be a part of every broadcast until GameDay decides to grace Pullman with their presence. Ol' Crimson has not missed a GameDay since it first started and is looking to continue the streak (which currently sits at 132 consecutive shows) this upcoming season. The Flag has grown into something much bigger and has become a viral campaign with fans flying the flag in crazy places all over the world. You might have been here when avboden posted pictures flying the flag at a sunken ship.
Undefeated Fans/Wave the Flag Extra: GameDay with WSU Pirate Flag
As I assume it is with all college towns homecoming weekend is pretty special. Once you graduate there really aren’t a whole lot of reasons to go to back Pullman besides sporting events and homecoming, of which the latter draws a HUGE alumni crowd.
Homecoming day celebration and Bonfire
Students have been given the ability to choose our uniform combinations for both our Homecoming game and any home Apple Cup matchup.
Glenn Johnson
The man who has made himself tradition. Not only is Glenn Johnson the voice of Cougar football, he’s also a professor at WSU and the Mayor of Pullman. Every first down is met with “And that’s another Cougar first down!” with a Cougar growl at the end. He has been our voice since the 1980s and sadly he may be stepping down soon (they already have a new announcer for some of the more minor basketball games).
Campus and Surrounding Area:
City Population: 31,359
Iconic Campus Buildings/Skyline:
Local Dining:
  • Cougar County - While it is far from being on campus, Cougar Country Drive In is currently one of the most popular “fast food” restaurants in Pullman. With a menu ranging from the “Cougar Super Basket” (two ¼ lb patties with all the fixings), Chili Dogs, BBQ Beef sandwiches, and even Fish and Chips. The Store is completely manned by students, including many WSU athletes. Cougar Country has a great connection to the city of Pullman, and often uses their giant sign to advertise everything from “Important Sporting News” to Homecoming Proposals
  • The Coug - Located right off campus at the end of Greek Row, The Coug - or Cougar Cottage - contains good food, cold drinks, low prices and is a very popular game day attraction. Along the walls of the Coug, students have the opportunity to help contribute to the decorations. Fun Fact: The Coug was featured as a question on College Jeopardy
  • Sella’s Calzone and Pizza - Sella’s is located at the end of campus located closest to the dorms. Like many Italian restaurants, Sella’s has giant servings, of which many are reasonably priced. Sella’s leaves crayons and paper on the tables for kids to draw on. However, many students take advantage of the crayons to express their artistic side. The best of these artworks are posted on the walls throughout the Restaurant
  • Munchy’z - Munchy’z is a hookah bar located on Greek Row. While they are known for their hookahs, Munchy’z most popular contribution to Pullman would be their late night Hot Dogs. During the Weekends, Munchy’z opens an outdoor grill where they make their famous hot dogs (which are a must have if celebrating in Pullman!) Also they deliver cigarettes.
Random Trivia:
  • Mike Leach has an incentive in his contract for $25,000 every time he beats Washington home or away. Last year when the Cougs won, it was rumored Leach paid the entire bars tab for the night at Valhalla located on Greek Row a block away from The Coug.
  • The Palouse refers to the agricultural region that encompasses parts of southeastern Washington, north central Idaho, and extending into parts of northeast Oregon. The region was a popular end destination for those who did not die of dysentery along the Oregon trail. It is home to both WSU and U of Idaho.
  • The very first football game for our school took place on Nov 10, 1894 against University of Idaho. At that time, our school's name and mascot were the mighty Washington Agricultural College Farmers. We won 10-0
  • The first school colors were pink and blue, said to be chosen by the first WSU President when he was so in awe of the blue and pink sunsets of the Palouse. It is unknown when the official colors changed, though Crimson and Gray are thought to have been the colors by 1916, when we won the first annual Rose Bowl (thank god)
  • The cougar wasn't adopted to be our mascot until our 1919 victory over Cal when a San Francisco newspaper cartoonist depicted the game as a bear trying to free itself from a northwest cougar
  • Our logo was created by Randall Johnson, an art student at then called Washington State College in 1936, who wanted to incorporate his art in lettering to produce a logo that would include the letters WSC. Once the president saw it, he immediately decided to make it the official logo of the state college. In 1959 when the school became a university, the president sent a request to Johnson to revise the logo and change the C into a U. Johnson happily obliged and sold the rights for his logo to the school for $1.
  • On the weekend before classes begin each year at WSU, Pullman holds the annual National Lentil Festival, an event celebrating everyone’s favorite legumes. It was started back in 1989 to promote both tourism and the locally grown lentils. At the time of the original festival, 98% of the United States crop of lentils were grown in the Palouse.
  • Popular non-athlete alumni from WSU include Timothy Leary (acid icon who coined "turn on, tune in, drop out"), Bill Nye (the science guy), Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft and owner of the Seahawks and Trailblazers), Edward R. Murrow (father of broadcast journalism), and Gary Larson (author of the comic the Far Side) who created a mural that is currently displayed on campus in Beasley Coliseum
  • In the 1930's, the US government provided funds to WSU to research new ways to store cheese. WSU created a way to store cheese in tins and during the process, ended up creating a cheese so wonderful that they dubbed it "Cougar Gold." The WSU Creamery was established and currently produces over 250,000 cans of cheese each year, 80% of which being Cougar Gold (which is fucking delicious), as well as 18,000 gallons of ice cream.
  • Washington State University currently is the home of a 1MW Nuclear Reactor. The Reactor was the brainchild of Harold W. Dodgen, a former researcher on the Manhattan Project, and a WSU Alumnus. Video of a Reactor Pulse
  • WSU also boasts a Bear Center on campus, hosting both adult and cub grizzly bears. The bears cardiovascular systems are studied during their hibernation cycle due to the similarities to a resting bear heart and a human heart facing heart disease. Here is a delightful gif.
What Is and What Is to Come:
As the offseason lags on, the mood of the Cougar fan base for the upcoming season remains excited, yet a bit more reserved than it was last year ripe with the hiring of Mike Leach. The team will have quite the different feel to it with the departure of star senior athletes QB Jeff Tuel , linebacker Travis Long, and estranged WR Marquess Wilson. However, despite these losses, WSU will not be lacking in experience. Wazzu leads the PAC-12 in returning career starts with 359, including up and coming players such as QB Connor Halliday, WR Gabe Marks, WR Isiah Myers, S Deone Bucannon, and husky killer K Andrew Furney.
This recruiting season may not have been a flashy one (ranking between 9-11 with Rivals, Scout, ESPN, and 247) but Leach bulked up on where we needed improvement the most: both the offensive and defensive lines. One of the most exciting prospects 4* AZ QB Tyler Bruggman led WSU into a bit of a panic on signing day when he flip flopped between ASU and WSU, but he eventually confirmed his committed with the Cougs at the end of the day. When asked about the drama on signing day, Leach stated he was unaware of any offers to Bruggman from ASU, but that he did receive an excellent lasagna recipe from Bruggman's mother the night before.
The schedule this upcoming season provides WSU ample opportunity to improve on last years record of 3-9. The non-conference line up includes games at Auburn, and hosting both Southern Utah and old Palouse rival Idaho. This season's conference games will include home matches against Stanford, Oregon St, Arizona St, and Utah and will travel to play USC, Cal, Oregon, Arizona and UW. Worst case scenario would be a repeat 3-9 record, with only being able to scrounge a single conference win and having two close calls against nonconference foes S. Utah and U of I. Best case scenario (in my completely biased and homeristic opinion) would be a 10-3 record and an appearance in the Rose Bowl, as summarized here. However, becoming bowl eligible would be welcomed warmly by a fan base who hasn't seen the Cougs in a bowl for a decade.
  • Steve Gleason - Former WSU LB that was a part of the 1998 Rose Bowl team who later become well known for his blocked punt while playing for the Saints in 2006 reviving a city’s fan base that was still recovering from hurricane Katrina. He also was a 4 year starter for the WSU Baseball team and continues to hold the school record for triples to this day. In 2011 he revealed he was battling ALS and launched his campaign Team Gleason No White Flags promoting public awareness and striving towards a cure. Check out his website to find out more.
  • Whether it’s to escape the summer heat or blow off some stress, students often flock just outside of Pullman to hang out at dunes along the Snake River.
  • Hey Cougs in the Seattle area! There is a organization called CougsFirst that’s dedicated the spreading the word about Cougar owned and operated businesses. There is a yearly trade show in Bellevue with 60+ Cougar alum owned and operated business and they organize other events with the Alumni Association. Check them out on Facebook:
  • Also make sure to check out the WSU Alumni Association page for viewing parties and other events all around the country:
Well I sure hoped you enjoyed your stay here, and maybe even learned a little something or two about our home, Ol’ Wazzu! Have a safe trip home, enjoy the memories, and we look forward to having you again!
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Special Thanks to cfb and the mods
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Announcement regarding the Las Vegas shooting and the Week 6 pick'em contest

Many of us are waking up this morning to learn of last night's mass shooting in Las Vegas. While I'm sure football is the farthest thing from most people's minds at a terrible time like this, the events of last night have had an impact on the sports betting world and therefore the pick'em contest we run at /Pac12. There was a police lockdown in the city of Las Vegas and it appears many casinos and sportsbooks have suspended their operations for some time.
Normally we wait until Monday night for college football lines to stabilize to lock in the spreads for the contest and make it live, or Tuesday morning if there is still a lot of movement happening late. It seems that there will be a significant disruption to that timeline this week as the oddsmakers in Las Vegas take care of more important things. As such, we will delay the contest until Wednesday morning at the earliest, possibly Thursday as events dictate.
All Pac-12 games will be on Saturday this week, and we won't select any weeknight games outside the conference for the contest. Below is the slate of games that we will use. We'll make another announcement later in the week when the lines are available and the contest is live.
Away Home Time (PT)
Wake Forest Clemson 9:00 AM
Georgia Vanderbilt 9:00 AM
Miami Florida State 12:30 PM
LSU Florida 12:30 PM
Air Force Navy 12:30 PM
West Virginia TCU 12:30 PM
Maryland Ohio State 1:00 PM
Michigan State Michigan 4:30 PM
WSU Oregon 5:00 PM
Arizona Colorado 5:00 PM
Stanford Utah 7:15 PM
Cal Washington 7:45 PM
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NCAA Basketball Daily - 11/29/2014 (Sat)

NOTE: KP refers to Ken Pomeroy of The column "KP %" is Ken Pomeroy's probability of his projected winner winning straight up. "M %" is Massey's probability of the projected winner winning straight up. In the preview links, projected scores are usually provided for the big name teams. All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST). Spreads are linked to to show line movement and public percentages; the AWAY teams are in red and the HOME teams are in blue. The chart can be directly copied and pasted into an excel file and then sorted however you like.
N means the game is on neutral court. - means the game is not on neurtral court. SH means the game is semi-home for the HOME team.
N Southern U E Illinois 2 su 63-62 53% EI 69-68 SU 60-59 50% EI 3.12 12:00
N Georgia St IUPUI 12.5 gs 76-64 86% GS 76-68 GS 72-62 85% GS 12.7 1:00
- UMass Harvard 7 HU 74-69 67% HU 72-71 HU 73-66 75% HU 4.8 2:00
- Wilmington Davidson 11.5 DC 80-69 85% DC 83-62 DC 84-73 84% DC 13.3 2:00
- IL Chicago Dayton 16.5 UD 76-58 94% UD 78-61 UD 74-57 95% UD 19.3 2:00
- VCU Old Dominion 6 VC 70-62 77% VC 73-57 VC 67-65 61% VC 0.77 2:00
- Nevada NE Omaha 6 NE 78-76 54% UN 76-73 NE 75-73 60% NE 1.46 2:00
N Niagara Bonaventure 9.5 SB 79-70 79% SB 77-71 SB 72-65 75% SB 8.35 2:00
N N Arizona NC Central 4 NC 68-61 72% NC 72-66 NC 61-57 66% NC 6.82 2:30
- Toledo Oakland 6 UT 83-79 64% UT 81-74 UT 77-74 58% UT 4.32 3:00
- Youngstown Illinois St 15 IS 75-65 82% IS 75-71 IS 75-64 87% IS 14.6 3:00
- Tulsa Wichita St 14 WS 71-55 92% WS 77-59 WS 66-56 87% WS 14.6 3:00
- Fairfield Northeastern 12 NU 69-59 83% NU 67-63 NU 67-55 90% NU 16.6 3:00
N CS Fullerton Florida Int 3 CS 67-66 52% FI 67-65 CS 65-64 57% CS 3.01 3:30
- George W Seton Hall 3 138 SH 69-65 62% SH 73-71 SH 71-68 63% SH 3.83 4:00
- Anchorage Rice RU 72-66 70% n/a RU 100% n/a 4:00
- Manhattan George Mason 1 MC 71-68 58% MC 73-70 GM 67-66 54% MC 0.09 4:00
N Canisius Buffalo 4.5 UB 72-71 51% UB 70-69 UB 67-65 60% UB 4.00 4:15
- Wofford William Mary 2 WM 65-62 60% WM 73-60 WC 61-60 52% WC 2.48 4:30
N Bradley St. Louis 1.5 SL 65-55 81% SL 67-61 SL 63-58 69% SL 2.31 4:30
- Wright St SC Upstate 7 SC 68-63 65% SC 70-65 SC 66-63 64% SC 4.63 6:00
N Portland Drake 9 UP 72-65 75% UP 71-64 UP 67-59 82% UP 13.0 6:00
N Pan Am North Dakota 6 ND 75-68 73% ND 73-70 ND 70-69 52% ND 5.51 6:00
- Colgate Arizona St 13 AZ 76-60 92% AS 73-52 AS 66-56 88% AS 14.1 6:00
N Middle TN St Creighton 9.5 CU 71-61 81% CU 74-62 CU 66-59 77% CU 10.0 6:00
N WSU Missouri St 2.5 MS 63-61 56% MS 67-59 MS 69-67 59% MS 6.29 6:15
- NM St Wyoming 7.5 UW 64-61 61% NM 68-63 UW 65-60 69% UW 5.47 6:30
- Albany UNLV 8 UN 68-60 75% UN 74-60 UN 64-59 71% UN 4.80 6:30
- Loyola Chi Kent St 7 KS 69-61 76% KS 74-63 KS 65-60 69% KS 10.6 7:00
- Belmont Ohio 1 BU 74-73 52% BU 76-74 BU 75-74 53% BU 0.75 7:00
N La Salle Vanderbilt 2 123 VU 61-60 51% VU 68-66 LS 62-61 50% LS 1.82 7:00
N TCU Miss St 3 129.5 MS 66-65 50% MS 70-69 MS 64-61 59% TC 3.34 7:00
- Charleston West Virginia 14 WV 73-57 92% WV 76-62 WV 73-61 89% WV 15.5 7:30
N Murray St Valparaiso 2 MS 71-68 58% MS 76-70 MS 66-64 59% VU 0.26 8:30
- Alabama St Utah 24 140 UT 80-60 95% UT 81-55 UT 78-60 96% UT 21.2 9:00
N Ole Miss Cincinnati 1.5 UC 66-62 62% UC 71-62 UC 64-61 62% UC 0.57 9:00
N Pacific Mercer 1.5 MU 72-69 61% MU 74-68 MU 62-61 53% MU 0.15 9:00
- E Kentucky BYU 15.5 BY 86-76 81% BY 80-76 BY 82-71 85% BY 14.1 9:30
N Virginia Rutgers 18 121 UV 71-52 94% UV 74-51 UV 65-52 93% UV 20.1 9:30
- Cal Poly St. Marys 12 SM 68-56 86% SM 75-64 SM 71-59 89% SM 17.4 10:00
- UC Irvine Loyola Mary 7 UC 67-64 57% UC 76-73 UC 64-62 60% UC 7.50 11:00
N Colorado St Santa Barbara 3.5 136 CS 71-69 57% CS 71-69 CS 69-68 53% CS 1.97 11:30
Jeff Sagarin power ranking
Ken Pomeroy power ranking
Ken Massey power ranking power ranking's picks and details
Game line movement history
CBS expert picks NCAAB odds
Injuries etc.
Game previews here and here
Team trends
Team comparison tool
Team stats can be found here and here
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My Response to Arizona Wildcats Case vs. Washington State

Dear Tucsonian Pretending to Have Ties to Pac-12/Wildcat Football,
How did Arizona lose to USC?..and they only managed to beat Cal by 5? I am going to let my Cougars do the talking on the field.
No legitimate Coug fans? It seems that a sports editor might do some article prepping by watching a College Game Day or two. I don’t ever remember seeing an Arizona flag in the background, and the last time UW was on College Gameday they did everything to keep the Cougs away, which only led to a grand entrance with a police escort. Frankily, I’ve never met a “Husky fan” who actually went to the school.
Arizona’s student section alone seats 9,000? That’s interesting. The newly renovated, thanks to funding by our athletic department (concession stands included and new practice facilities under construction), Martin Stadium has nearly 40,000 seats of which approximately 50% are given to the student section. Also, maybe you haven’t been to your own basketball stadium recently; it makes Cal’s dump pile acting as a new football stadium look top of the line and attractive…Sorry you wouldn’t understand that; you’ve probably never been there either.
I am looking forward to the 77 degree weather this weekend. If you’d like that weather in July, I would suggest getting out of your 120 degree hell by visiting the Palouse and maybe take a dip in the river. After that, stop by Ferdinand’s for the world’s greatest ice cream and take home a can of Cougar Gold as a souvenir. It’s still unknown if we will be in a bowl this year (wait is Arizona a lock, probably not if they lose out), but the Cougs aren’t familiar with this “New Mexico Bowl;” we are only familiar with Holiday Bowls (I see you were invited in 2009, but failed to show up [Nebraska won 33-0]) and Rose Bowls (I’m not talking about the Away game you play at UCLA every other year). Funny how you can be so proud of a 6-3 record when your best win is against a 4-5 (1-5) Utah team. I am sure that Arizona St. is as excited about playing you as you seem to be about playing WSU, and I look forward to betting the over on that game (ASU should single-handedly cover).
When the game is over and the Cougs are celebrating I just hope that Tucson learned from Las Vegas and Auburn’s mistake. It may be hard to find a bar that has enough beer for our fan base. In the event there is one I am sure that our fans would be happy to buy you a pint which you can use to wash down your palette as you eat your words!
Go Cougs!
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[35 Bowls in 17 Days] The Sheraton Hawai'i Bowl

Sheraton Hawai'i Bowl
Oregon State Beavers -vs- Boise State Broncos
Bowl Information
Date: December 24st, 2013
Time: 5:00PM EST
  • Television: - Preview
  • Announcers: Steve Levy, , Mark May, Maria Taylor
  • Radio: ESPN
  • Online: ESPN3
Point Spread:
  • Oregon State -3
  • Boise State +3
  • Fun fact: Boise St. opened as the favorite - OSU became the favorite once Petersen took the UW job
O/U: 63.5
Bowl History
Year Founded: 2002
Location: Honolulu, Hawai’i
Stadium: Aloha Stadium
Conference Tie-ins: C-USA # 2 vs Hawai’i or MWC #4 if Hawai’i is not bowl eligible or BCS eligible (Oregon State replaces C-USA #2 as PAC-12 alternate)
2012 Season Result: SMU: 43 vs Fresno State: 10
Bowl History: The Hawai’i Bowl was founded in 2002, succeeding the historical Poi Bowl (1936-1939), Pineapple Bowl (1940-1941, 1947-1952, Aloha Bowl (1982-2000), and O’ahu Bowl (1998-2000). In 2002, the bowl was sponsored by ConAgra Foods, but has been sponsored by Sheraton Hotels and Resorts Hawai’i since 2003.
Notabowl Historic Games:
  • 2002: Tulane: 36 Hawai’i: 28
In the inaugural Hawai’i Bowl, 6-6 Tulane visited 10-2 Hawai’i. The Rainbow Warriors jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the second quarter, but The Green Wave cut the lead to 14-6 before the half with two field goals. Tulane scored 3 touchdowns in the third quarter under J.P. Losman’s quarterbacking.
Hawai’i cut the lead to 34-28, but then gave up a safety with 3:02 remaining in the game to give Tulane an 8 point lead and the ball. Tulane Cornerback and Special Teams man Lynaris Elpheage was the MVP with 4 pint returns for 143 yards and a touchdown, and 2 kickoff returns for 57 yards.*
  • 2007: East Carolina: 41 Boise State: 38
The only time Boise State has played in the Hawai’i bowl (replacing Hawai’i who was selected to the BCS Sugar Bowl vs Georgia Bulldogs), they were a 10.5 point favorite over the East Carolina Pirates the year after beating the Oklahoma Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl.
East Carolina fought to a big 31-14 lead at halftime, but Boise State fought back to tie the game up at 38-38 late in the fourth quarter, however the Pirates drove from their own 9 yard line to set up a 34 yard field goal as time expired to earn the huge win for their program. RB Chris Johnson from ECU was selected as bowl MVP.*
Oregon State Beavers
Bowl Record: 10-6
Year Bowl Outcome Recap
1940 Pineapple Bowl Oregon State 39 - Hawaii 6 Recap
1942 Rose Bowl Oregon State 20 - Duke 16 Recap
1949 Pineapple Bowl Oregon State 47 - Hawaii 27 Recap
1957 Rose Bowl Oregon State 19 - Iowa 35 Recap
1960 Gotham Bowl Cancelled due to lack of suitable opponent Info
1962 Liberty Bowl Oregon State 6 - Villanova 0 Recap
1965 Rose Bowl Oregon State 7 - Michigan 34 Michigan Recap
1983 Toilet Bowl Oregon State 0 - Oregon 0 Video Recap
1999 Oahu Bowl Oregon State 17 - Hawaii 23 SI Recap
2001 Fiesta Bowl Oregon State 4 - Notre Dame 9 Bowl Recap
2002 Insight Bowl Oregon State 13 - Pittsburgh 38 USA Today Recap
2003 Las Vegas Bowl Oregon State 55- New Mexico 14 ESPN Recap
2004 Insight Bowl Oregon State 38 - Notre Dame 21 ESPN Recap
2006 Sun Bowl Oregon State 39 - Missouri 38 Bowl Recap
2007 Emerald Bowl Oregon State 21 - Maryland 14 ESPN Recap
2008 Sun Bowl Oregon State 3 - Pittsburgh 0 Bowl Recap
2009 Maaco Bowl Las Vegas Oregon State 20 - BYU 40 Las Vegas Sun Recap
2012 Alamo Bowl Oregon State 27 - Texas 31 SI Recap
Historic Bowl Games:
  • 1942 Rose Bowl Oregon State 20 - Duke 16
    The first of three Rose Bowl appearances for Oregon State, the 1942 Grandaddy of Them All holds the distinction of being the only Rose Bowl not played in Pasadena. Played less than a month after the December 7th attack on Pearl Harbor, there was fear that more attacks were coming on the West Coast. The US Government prohibited all large gatherings on the West Coast for the duration of the war, and the Rose Bowl just so happened to be the first such event to be moved. The game ended up being played in Durham, North Carolina at Duke Stadium in front of an estimated 56,000 attendees. The story behind the 1942 Rose Bowl is essentially all anyone talks about - it wasn’t much of a game, with Oregon State scoring 13 3rd quarter points to break a 7-7 halftime tie and ultimately prevail 20-16 over Duke. But imagine you’ve played a 7-2 season - good enough for the top spot in the then Pacific Coast Conference and a berth in your school’s first ever Rose Bowl. You’re riding high off your 12-7 win over rival Oregon on November 29, and then 8 days later everything changes and you’re headed to North Carolina. It was a very tumultuous time in our nation’s history - the 1942 Rose Bowl is but an interesting footnote.
    Andy Landforce, OSU class of ‘42, talks about the 1942 Rose Bowl and what it was like travelling to Duke for the game as part of the broadcast team.
  • 2001 Fiesta Bowl Oregon State: 41 - Notre Dame: 9
    If not for a 30-33 loss at Washington in the Beavers’ fifth game of the season, the 2000 team would have ended up in the Rose Bowl - their first since 1965. As it was, Oregon State earned an at-large bid in the Fiesta Bowl, where they categorically undressed #10 Notre Dame in front of a national TV audience. While Dennis Erickson’s 2000 squad wasn’t exactly replete with Rhodes Scholars and future biochemists, they were an exceptionally talented team and are arguably - along with the 1967 Giant Killers squad - the best in the history of Oregon State football. The Fiesta Bowl win, unfortunately, earned them the Sports Illustrated kiss of death, as Oregon State was picked to win it all in 2001-2002 by SI and ended up finishing 5-6. Ugh, rereading that “will end up smelling roses line” still makes me cringe.
    Here’s the entire 2001 Fiesta Bowl, if you want to watch one of the most boring BCS games ever played in its entirety. Here are some 2001 Fiesta Bowl highlights.
  • 2006 Sun Bowl Oregon State 39 - Missouri 38
    Sorry, Mizzou fans, but I had to go with this one. This back and forth game between NFL backup-caliber QBs Matt Moore and Chase Daniel proved to be one of the more memorable Sun Bowls in recent history, with Oregon State scoring the tying TD with 23 seconds left in the game. An Yvenson Bernard run on the ensuing 2-pt conversion gave Oregon State a 1-point lead which would end up being enough to hold off Mizzou for the 39-38 win. This game is notable for Oregon State in that it was the program’s second 10-win season and that it may or may not be the last time anyone saw Mike Riley’s balls. Much of the first half of the game, as the Sun Bowl is broadcast on CBS, was preempted by Gerald Ford’s funeral, which was just fantastic. Fun bonus fact: Rihanna performed at halftime.
  • Honorable Mentions
    2008 Sun Bowl Oregon State 3 - Pittsburgh 0. Lowest scoring Bowl game since the 1959 Cotton Bowl, in which Air Force tied TCU 0-0.
    2003 Las Vegas Bowl Oregon State 55 - New Mexico 14. Las Vegas native Steven Jackson ran for 4 TDs and caught a pass for another TD, tying a then-bowl record with 5 TDs. 55 points still stands as the record for most points scored in a Las Vegas Bowl.
2013 Season Record: 7-6, 5-3 MW
Date Opponent Result
8/30/13 vs. Eastern Washington L 49-46
9/7/13 vs Hawaii W 33-14
9/14/13 @ Utah W 51-48
9/21/13 @ San Diego State W 34-30
9/28/13 vs. Colorado W 44-17
10/12/13 @ Washington State W 52-24
10/19/13 @ California W 49-17
10/26/13 vs. #6 Stanford L 20-12
11/1/13 vs. USC L 31-14
11/16/13 @ #19 Arizona State L 30-17
11/23/13 vs. Washington L 69-27
11/29/13 @ #13 Oregon L 36-35
12/24/13 vs. Boise St. (Sheraton Hawaii Bowl) TBD
Key Players this Season:
  • WR Brandin Cooks: Brandin Cooks had what can arguably be called the greatest season ever by an Oregon State WR. His stats (120 recs., 1670 yds, 15 TDs) were astronomical for a WR who was double-teamed for the majority of the season. He didn’t end up leading the NCAA in any WR categories, but his 13.9 ypc over 120 catches ain’t nothin’ to shake a stick at. For his effort, Cooks won the 2013 Biletnikoff Award as the nation’s stickiest top WR - the second time an Oregon State player has earned the award (Mike Hass also won in 2005). The award, mind you, came down to just one vote - the fan’s vote. Whenever OSU needed a big play to get some momentum going, you could bet your ass Cooks was somehow involved - he also racked up 188 yards rushing on 28 attempts.
  • QB Sean Mannion: As Brandin Cooks goes, so does his QB Sean Mannion. Mannion, frontrunner for the most handsome OSU player award, racked up some pretty big numbers in 2013, although his INTs are among those categories. 4403 yards on 376 completions with 570 attempts averages out to a 66% completion percentage - the best in his OSU career. It was his play late in the season, however, that kept OSU from being close in a few games - of those 14 INTs, 11 of them came in the last 4 games of the season. God, that hurt to just now figure out. It was Mannion, however, that kept OSU alive in their “winnable” games early in the season, even in the goddamned Eastern Washington game. Mannion played out of his mind that afternoon, and if it wasn’t for him, that game would have been a laugher of a blowout in favor of the Eagles. Mannion played rather well against Oregon in the Civil War, and here’s hoping he’s left the INT bug on the mainland in preparation for the Hawaii Bowl.
Biggest Plays this Season:
  • Steven Nelson’s late game pick-six against SDSU: Oregon State isn’t playing in the Hawaii Bowl if it isn’t for this play - plain and simple. Trailing what seemed like the entire game, Oregon State finally shook off the early season jitters against a spirited Aztec team on the road when Quinn Kaehler threw an ill-advised pass that ended up in the hands of Steven Nelson. Nelson’s opportunistic play is the exact spark the Beavers needed get out of Qualcomm with the W - a much needed one, at that, with the relatively difficult degree of difficulty of Oregon State’s late season schedule.
  • Brandin Cooks’ game-winning OT catch against Utah: I said it before, but I will say it again - Oregon State isn’t playing in this Hawaii Bowl if Mannion doesn’t find Cooks in the back of the endzone in OT against Utah. Well, not necessarily as much as Nelson’s INT against SDSU, but this play was just as vital to OSU’s season. After tying the game up late with a QB scramble, Travis Wilson and the potent Utes offense came out in the first OT possession and settled for a FG. OSU got the ball and drove down the field, with Mannion hitting Cooks for the game-winner - a ball he almost dropped. That was a the scary Utah team, as well - the one with a healthy Wilson at QB. A big road win for the Beavers that would end up proving crucial for their bowl hopes.
  • Victor Bolden’s 25-yard TD run against Oregon: This didn’t win the game, but it did put OSU up by 5 with 1:38 to go in the 2013 edition of the Civil War. As it were, 98 seconds was far too much time for Oregon to march down and score the game-winning TD. After getting absolutely slammed by UW the week before, OSU’s spirited performance against a mightier Oregon team showed that all hope was not lost for this 2013 season - Bolden’s TD was the perfect indicator as to the full potential of this Oregon State team.
Season Summary:
  • It was a tale of two halfs of the season, a tale that many thought was doomed from the beginning. Losing to an FCS opponent to open your season at home sure as shit doesn’t bode well for the rest of your season, but Oregon State found a way to fight and scrap for a 6-win season. The aforementioned late game heroics that earned Oregon State victories over both San Diego State and Utah were huge, as the loss to Eastern Washington detracted from the Beavers’ effort to become bowl-eligible. Save for the season opener, Oregon State won games in their “winnable” half of the schedule - Hawaii, Utah, SDSU, Colorado, WSU, California - before losing five straight games (Stanford, USC, ASU, Washington, Oregon) to close out the season. Cooks and Mannion were constantly atop the NCAA leaderboards for offensive categories early in the season while the defense lagged behind. Whenever the defense stepped up to keep games somewhat close (Stanford, USC), the offense was only able to manage two TDs at home in consecutive weeks. The season was plagued with inconsistency and complacency - very seldom did both the offense and defense play at a consistent level late in the season (Mannion’s 4 INTs against ASU comes to mind). It is what it is, though, and every Beaver fan should be proud of how Oregon State responded against Oregon in the Civil War after suffering the program’s worst loss ever at the hands of Washington the week prior. Will that spirited squad that took the field in the Civil War come to play in Hawaii or will the one that got taken behind the woodshed against Washington or USC show up?
Why we are going to win:
  • Brandin Cooks and Sean Mannion. It’s that simple. If Mannion and Cooks can get in a groove, it will be hard for Boise State to defend OSU’s prolific passing attack - even with their very stout defense. Bonus points for the offense if they can rack up some rushing yards, as Terron Ward looked mighty promising against Oregon in the last game of the season. The defense has gotten stronger and more cohesive later in the season, and I believe that they can keep the rushing yards to a minimum against Boise State. Pressure on the QB will be key, as well. It will be a close game, but if Oregon State can get a lead early, they will be able to control the ball time of possession. Last I checked, as well, Aloha Stadium doesn’t have blue turf - advantage, Oregon State.
Prediction: Oregon State 41 - Boise State 34
Boise State University
Bowl Record:9-4 (2-0 BCS)
2006 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. #8 Boise State defeats #10 Oklahoma 43-42 in OT (Played, Jan 1st 2007)
  • In Boise State’s first BCS invite at 12-0 and ranked #8 in the BCS, they were a 7.5 point underdog to perennial powerhouse Oklahoma (11-2, ranked #10 in the BCS). Boise State jumped out to a quick 14-0 lead in the first 7:30 on the first quarter, and although Oklahoma narrowed the lead to 14-10, Boise St scored again just before halftime to take an 11 point lead into the break.
  • Boise continued the good play in the second half, intercepting an Oklahoma pass and returning it for a touchdown to take a 28-10 lead. However, after this point, it was all Oklahoma, as with a third quarter touchdown, a fourth quarter field goal and a touchdown - followed by a successful 2 point conversion - the game was tied at 28-28 with 1:26 to go. Boise State had the ball with 1:26 left to win the game; however, QB Jared Zabransky threw an interception on the very first play, which was returned 34 yards for an Oklahoma touchdown and a 35-28 Oklahoma lead. It seemed like the underdogs from Boise would come up just short in their quest for national recognition and a perfect season.
  • The Broncos received the ball with 1:02 left in the game, and marched the ball to the Oklahoma 42 yard line, but the Sooner defense stiffened up with a sack and forcing two incompletions to force 4th and 18 from midfield, with only 18 seconds left on the clock. In the first of three indelible plays, Jared Zabransky threw a 15 yard pass to Drisan James. James lateralled the ball to a full speed Jerard Rabb, who ran the ball up the sideline to score a touchdown with :07 left on the clock. After the successful PAT, the game was tied at 35-35, and went to overtime.
  • Boise State won the coin toss, and chose to play defense first. Oklahoma RB Adrian Peterson scored a touchdown on a 25 yard run on the very first play from scrimmage, and took the lead 42-35. The Broncos marched down to the Sooner 5 yard line, but it was 4th and 2, and again the ball game rested on a 4th down play call. This time, Chris Petersen dialed up a wildcat rollout, and the WR Vinny Peretta threw a drop pass over coverage to score the touchdown and bring the score to 42-41. Coach Pete quickly called for the 2 point conversion, risking the entire game on the result of one play. In a play that will be remembered for years, Jared Zabransky faked a throw with his empty palm (“The Statue of Liberty), and handed the ball off to his running back, Ian Johnson, who ran into the endzone unimpeded for the game-winning score.
  • During the postgame interview with FOX Sports, Ian Johnson proposed to his girlfriend, Boise St. cheerleader Chrissy Popadics, on live TV, and she accepted. The game is generally considered to be in the top 10 best televised football games of all time. 2009 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. #6 Boise State defeats #4 TCU 17-10. (Played Jan 4th 2010)
  • After a second undefeated season in four years, Boise State was fortunate to even be invited to the BCS in 2009, as there were 5 undefeated teams (Alabama, Texas, Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise St), but only TCU was guaranteed a BCS berth as the highest ranked non-AQ team in the top 12 of the BCS standings. The Fiesta Bowl committee decided to use their second pick to create a matchup of undefeated teams, and a “the best of the rest” championship. This is the only time in BCS history that a non-AQ team would be chosen as an “at large” selection to the BCS. There was a great deal of controversy at the idea of two non-AQ teams playing each other, rather than getting their chances at playing a major conference team, but in my opinion, Boise State should simply consider themselves fortunate to have been invited at all.
  • The Broncos opened the scoring early in the 1st quarter with a 51 yard interception returned for a touchdown and a 10-0 lead. Boise scored a FG in the 2nd quarter, and TCU replied with a touchdown pass just before halftime to make it 10-7 going to the break. TCU tied the game at 10-10 in the 3rd quarter with a 29 yard FG. In the 4th quarter, Coach Petersen cemented Boise’s reputation as a master of trickeration by calling a fake punt on 4th and 9 at their own 33 yard line. Punter Kyle Brotzman threw the ball over the middle to Kyle Efaw for a 30 yard gain and a first down to the TCU 37. Bronco RB Doug Martin would score the game winning TD on this drive with 7:21 remaining, and the defense held Andy Dalton and the Horned Frogs for the rest of the game to seal the win. 2013 Season Record: 8-4 (6-2) Mountain West Conference
Key Players this Season:
RB Jay Ajayi (Sophomore(RS))
  • Jay Ajayi has had a historic season as RB for the Boise State Broncos, rushing for 1328 yards and 17 TDs in 226 attempts, averaging 5.9 yards per carry, rushing for over 10 yards 5 times, and for 222 yards against Nevada.
Season Stats: 1328 Yards, 17 TDs rushing, 189 yards, 1 TD receiving.
QB Grant Hedrick (Junior)
  • Hedrick was called upon to assume starting QB duties after Joe Southwick injured his ankle on the first play against Nevada on Oct 19th. In 6 full games, he has led the team to a 4-2 record with 1443 yards passing, completing 135 of 198 pass attempts for 15 TD and 5 INTs. Hedrick is more of a dual threat QB than Southwick, and will start the Bowl game.
Season Stats: 135/198 for 1443 yards, 15 TD, 5 INT (6 games)
Season Summary:
  • An undeniably disappointing season, Boise State opened with a blowout loss @ Washington (38-6), and followed with losses to Fresno St at home, and at BYU and San Diego St. This will mark the first season that Boise St fails to win 10 games since 2005 (9-4) and only second time since moving up to the FBS in 1999. Coach Petersen accepted a job as Head Coach of the Washington Huskies after the end of the season, and Boise St has hired Head Coach Bryan Harsin from Arkansas St.
Why We Are Going to Win:
  • Playing with nothing to lose, the Broncos running game will gash the 91st ranked Oregon St run defense for 300+ yards and 3 rushing TDs. The ever stout Boise St defense (ranked 12th in the country for overall defense) will hold the Beavers to short runs and passes, and will dominate the time of possession.
Prediction: Boise State – 34, Oregon St 21
Related Subreddits: /bsufootball /oregonstate
Contributors: FellKnight, TheTurner and Emleaux
For more info on the 35 Bowls Project, go here
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Game Preview: Cal at Washington State - 10/4/2014 (10:30 PM ET)

THE BATTLE FOR THE PAC-12 NORTH ...for a week at least...

California Golden Bears (3-1, 1-1) at Washington State Cougars (2-3, 1-1)

Kickoff: 10:30 ET - Oct 4, 2014
Line: WSU -3, o/u 73.5
Television: Pac-12 Network
Radio: Cal IMG Network and WSU IMG Network
Series Record: Cal leads 44-26-5 (WSU currently owns a 1 game win streak)
Last Meeting: WSU Won 44-22
Location: Martin Stadium
Weather Forecast: 60 degrees, partly cloudy
Fun Facts
  • WSU officially adopted the cougars as their mascot soon after the first meeting between WSU and Cal in 1919 when an Oakland newspaper cartoonist depicted the Cal loss as a northwest cougar mauling a bear
  • Martin Stadium has sold out 3 times since Mike Leach took the helm in 2012. The stadium only had one sell out in the 5 seasons prior to his arrival.
  • WSU HC Mike Leach and Cal HC Sonny Dykes coached together at both Texas Tech and Kentucky. Dykes was a graduate assistant at Kentucky when Leach was an assistant coach there and when Leach left to take the HC job at Tech, he brought along Dykes as his WR coach and Co-Offensive Coordinator.

Who's Hot

  1. Jared Goff - QB: Goff lit it up in the shootout against Colorado last week dissecting the Buff’s defense with 24 completions for 458 yards, 7 touchdowns, and only one interception. He also set a school record for the longest pass play when he connected with Daniel Lasco for a 92 yard touchdown. This season he’s averaged 10.5 yards per attempt totaling 1,348 yards on 128 attempts with 17 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. With his performance against Colorado, he earned National Offensive PlayeCo-Player of the Week from the likes of, College Football Performance Awards, College Sports Madness, and the Walter Camp Football Foundations.
  2. Daniel Lasco - RB: Lasco is the Bears’ leading running back and was one of Goff’s main weapons against Colorado last week. In addition to his record breaking 92-yard touchdown reception, Lasco tallied 108 yards on 18 carries. He leads the team in rushing with 55 caries for 347 yards and 2 touchdowns and has tacked on 4 receptions for 109 yards and one TD. He’s a bruiser of a back and will bring his physical style against the young Cougar defense.

Who's Not

  1. Secondary: The Bear secondary definitely didn’t help Goff out in his quest for a victory, allowing Colorado to throw for 455 yards for 7 touchdowns. They’ve allowed 12 touchdowns through the air over the past two games and rank 113th nationally in total defense. They will have JuCo transfer Darius White and Joel Willis both return from injuries and start at CB against the cougs, hoping to stymie Hallidays passing barrage.
  2. Penalties: Yellow flags were not what Head Coach Sunny Dykes looked to include in his Bear Raid offense, but they’ve made their presence known in each game this season. Last week the Bears committed 12 penalties for a whopping 113 yards to increase their average penalties per game to 9.5. Only 6 other teams in the country average more penalties a game.

Who's Hot

  1. River Cracraft - WR: Despite not pulling in a touchdown, Cracraft was arguably the most impactful receiver for the Cougs last week and a vital part of their comeback against the Utes. River led the team in receptions and reception yards snagging 9 throws from Halliday for 126 yards. Out of those 9 catches, 8 of them resulted in a first down including the 4 yarder he caught to set up the huge game winning reception by Vince Mayle on the following play.
  2. Jeremiah Allison - LB: This athletic and academic standout turned down offers from UCLA, Arizona, Yale, and Duke to come to WSU and recently gave insight on what helped influence his decision. He had an impressive defensive performance in SLC posting up 13 tackles (career high), 0.5 sacks, and 2 tackles for losses against the Utes. Since being bumped up to a starter two weeks ago, Allison has continued to progress as a defensive standout.

Who's Not

  1. Halliday’s Grip: Halliday had a hot hand again last Saturday throwing for 417 yards and 4 touchdowns, unfortunately he also ran into turnover trouble tossing two interceptions and losing a fumble. In many of WSU’s quick pass plays, Halliday will grab up the ball and grip it off the laces to fire it out fast, compared to when he has some more time in the pocket and gets a firm grasp over the laces. Perhaps the rain made it difficult to fire off those quick passes as I noticed his first interception came off a wacky throw that slipped from his off-lace grip.
  2. Special Teams: Utah’s special teams unit is one of the most potent part of the Utes and it continued to shine against the cougars who looked confused going against it. They allowed kick/punt returner stud Kaelin Clay take a punt for a touchdown and averaged 33 yards on his two punt returns. WSU also looked lost on the receiving end after some bad decisions led to fielding a punt by Utah at the 5 yard line instead of letting it bounce into the endzone. Special teams will need to sharpen up this week against the Bears.
In honor of the high powered passing attacks of both teams, this weeks keys to the game are brought to you by Air Supply

Why Washington State beats Cal

  1. Bring Out the Magic: The Cal defense giving up 12 TDs in the past 6 quarters is a stat that leaves Halliday licking his chops. On his quest to be one of WSU’s most prolific passers he will aim to throw another monster game against a secondary that’s missing one of their key components, junior safety Stefan McClure. McClure has been sidelined since injuring his calf in pregame warm ups against Arizona. McClure played in Cal’s first two games which held both opponents to a combined 430 yards passing (although those two teams were less explosive in their passing attack). With McClure sidelined, the Bears have given up a combined 975 yards passing. Stefan McClure is likely to miss the game Saturday which will allow Halliday to open up his arsenal to win this shootout.
  2. Love and Other Bruises: Rushing the QB on 70-75% of their defensive plays, the cougars are constantly looking to make a play on the opposing passer. The bears have struggled some with protection giving up 7 sacks on Goff this season. Continuous pressure on the Bears hot handed QB will shake him from his game and allow the cougs to gain a much needed edge between these two high powered offenses.

Why Cal beats Washington State

  1. Chances: The Cougs have bit themselves in the butt throughout the season with turnovers ranking 121st overall in the country with a -7 turnover margin (averaging -1.4 per game). Winning the turnover margin is always a key to victory, but with a team that has given up possession so often, Cal will need to take advantage to give themselves the best chance to win.
  2. Here I Am: Giving up touchdowns to Colorado on 5 of their 7 trips to the red zone was not what the Bears had in mind last week. If Cal wants to beat the Cougs in what will likely be a high scoring affair, they will need to hold strong, yell here I am, and decrease the RZ percentage they allowed against the Buffs. WSU currently hold a 61% touchdown percentage in the red zone getting into the endzone 17 times out of 28 appearances. With the the golden foot Andrew Furney gone, the cougs lack a reliable FG kicker and are not afraid to go for it on 4th down. Forcing WSU to long fourth downs and FG attempts on RZ trips may keep them from staying neck and neck with Cal.


Two high powered air raids coming off big wins will butt heads in Pullman in a homecoming clash guaranteed to put up lots of points. Both QBs will find openings in the secondary throughout the game, but I believe Halliday will find more success against the Bear defense than Goff will against the Cougs. WSU will tighten up on their turnovers, only giving up possession once, and will go on to win a shootout. Halliday tosses 520 yards, 5 TDs and 1 INT while Goff starts off slow but finishes with 410 yards, 4 TDs and 1 INT.
  • WSU 49 - Cal 34
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College Football Bets Week 12

TCU/Oklahoma St. over 70.5 - I am really surprised this total wasn't 100 to be honest. Any match up in the big 12 that is in the low 70's is worth a look at. Both teams will put up points, and both teams play with 9 players on defense. I can't imagine both teams not getting into the 40's let alone the 50's.

Arkansas/Mississippi St. over 60 - I save the unders for the NFL, and look for the good overs in the NCAA. Arkansas is bad on defense, and really bad at stopping the run. Miss St is about the same. Both teams can put up points though. It's almost like a big 12 match up but getting 10 extra points. I figure there is some edge there.

Usc -10.5 and UCLA +13.5 - I took USC early in the week and immediately regretted it. I always forget not to bet the heavy favorite in rivalry games, especially when they are on the road. Lucky enough for me the line jumped to 13.5 and I took UCLA for a chance to middle. I really don't have a feel on which way this game will go, but I got a 3 point window to hit an awkward score.

*Houston +14.5 Saw this one a mile away. I remember the nerds on ESPN talking about this game at the beginning of the year, discussing Houston's chances of getting to the playoff. They said Louisville would be favored by 3. I think the line actually jumped to 17 before game time. Wish I would have taken the Money Line.

Northwestern -1 @ Minn - I was lucky to get this game early because I think it's up to about 2.5 or 3 now. Minnesota has played teams close, but Northwestern has actually beaten teams. The Gophers have taken care of an easy non conference and beat up on the bottom of the Big 10. Their 3 losses are to Nebraska, Iowa, and Penn St. They are the definition of average, but because of their favorable schedule they are already bowl eligible. Meanwhile Northwestern needs a win this week to be bowl eligible and a win next week against Illinois to lock it in for sure. northwestern is the better team with some good motivation, and that's good enough for me to back a slight favorite.

Wvu +3 vs Oki - I have a theory that I am testing out that home underdogs in big time national games at night play way above their talent level. (examples Houston hosting Louisville and demolishing them, Penn st. upsetting Ohio St with their D line running circles around OSU's O line at the end of the game, Wisconsin almost pulling the upset hosting OSU, Iowa knocking off Michigan...) Basically in games like these the student section is so juiced up on Bud Ice and emotion that it carries over to the players adding an almost indescribable amount of adrenaline. Morgan Town will be rocking. Oklahoma is good, but not that good. Their offense looks great against Big 12 swiss cheese defenses, but West Virginia is one of the two teams in the conference that plays D. I wish WVU was getting more points because I believe Oklahoma has more players going to the NFL. To be honest Oklahoma does have the talent to blow this game up. I'll take my chances though. Baker Mayfield is a less talented less cool version of Johny Manziel.

Duke +7 @ Pitt - Duke has a good defense and a sup par offense. Pitt has a good offense with a sup par defense. Seems like it could go either way so I'll take the points. Also, Duke needs two straight wins to become bowl eligible and Pitt just came off a big win so they might be flat.

Nc state +3 vs miami - Pretty even match up up. Nc State can put up points, and give them away just as quickly. Miami is pretty average on both side of the ball. Home team getting points in a pretty even match up is good enough for me.

Miami/nc state 51o - Because of NC St I can't imagine this will be a defensive struggle. They have played Louisville, Clemson, and Florida St. 3 out of the last 5 weeks, and they had a nasty game in the rain with Notre Dame. My point is that their PPG on the year is lower than average because the level of competition. NC State needs one win to become bowl eligible and they have the fire power on offense to score 50 themselves. I believe this total is low because the power rating aren't accounting for the quality of defenses they faced recently. They also aren't great on defense, and it wouldn't be crazy if Miami scored 50 themselves too. I don't think it will be a Big 12 shoot out, but I think this game could play out in multiple ways that allow the total to hit.

Kansas st ML @ Baylor - I was considering this game before I found out Baylor's starting QB was out for the game. They have a freshman starting instead. I was wondering when the loss of Art Briles would start to show if at all, and in my opinion Baylor's 3 game skid is a result of coaching. You see it all the time in College Football. Whether it be Meyer or Peterson or Harbaugh or that dude from Western Michigan, coaching can make a big difference in wins and losses. Meanwhile Kansas St. is trending up. They play relatively good defense for a Big 12 team, and they seem to be moving the ball a lot better on offense as of late too. This number seems like it's wrong, but I think the public bets Baylor heavy just becuase of how explosive they have been on offense since the RG3 days. However, like RG3 the current QB is hurt and Art Briles is drinking lemonade on the front porch instead of stading on the sidelines.

UTSA +27.5 @ Texas a&m - So this is more of a Texas A&M is not that good and injured pick rather than my love for UTSA. I keep hearing about this UTSA team, yet I know little about them. I do know that Kevin Sumlin does not coach run defense, and their starting QB is out. The back up QB is probably a better athlete than anyone UTSA has, but it's just a lot of points for a team that has not played well at all recently, and has been exposed by good teams. I hate this pick because my brain tells me this is too many points, but my gut says A&M will put up 100. GAAAAAMBLIIIIINNN

I'm leaning on Florida, but they are missing two linebackers and a safety. Leaning on WSU, I'm just not sure how good Colorado is. I considered Michigan at -23, but now that number is more like -26.

I will probably take Virginia Tech, I am just waiting to get it at a better number. I'm letting the Notre Dame faithful bet that number as high as possible. Although Notre Dame can still become bowl eligible if they beat Virginia Tech, and Tech has been one of the most up and down teams all year........ but like always Notre Dame is greatly overrated. The rumors about Brian Kelly getting let go are hilarious. Even though he is a murderer he is a great football coach. Do they really think they are going to get someone better? Not that they can't attract big name coaches, it's just that Kelly took a Cincinnati team to the Sugar Bowl. Do they really think there are better coaches that are going to be available? I love it...... Anyway, Virginia Tech is extremely talented, and if their QB is healthy then I might pull the trigger.

Phil Steele said that San Diego St. is an auto-bet team in the Mountain West. I hate listening to gas bags on talk shows talk about teams that no one watches. I won't play this game, but I need to remind myself to check the score on this one. This game isn't a good spot because Wyoming is actually decent. They beat Boise this year, and they are getting 10 points at home. I don't know enough about either team, but if SDSU covers double digits on the road then i might take a flier on them next week.

I'm leaning on Cal getting 10.5 at home against Stanford. Cal is a much better team at home than on the road. Stanford isn't the highest scoring offense either. However, Cal's defense is bad and Stanford did put up 52 on Oregon last week. The total is at 64 which might be the better play.

I'm leaning on Utah -14 against Oregon. Ducks are bad and have noting to play for. My only worry is that Utah does not typically beat time by that much. They are more of an underdog play than a favorite play.
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